Grease the Groove

“Grease the Groove” is a concept popularized by Pavel Tsatsouline as a way to repeatedly train a movement in a way that increases a variety of physiological functions without overburdening the nervous system. “Greasing the groove” involves performing one movement sub-maximally multiple times throughout the day, which accumulates volume within the movement but doesn’t generate …

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Magnificent 7

Eat Right   Think Right   Talk Right   Move Right   Poop Right   Sleep Right   Drink Right   * Breathe Right   * Not a part of Dr. Robert Rakowski’s original magnificent 7. 


The human body is designed to move. A large percentage of the health issues and physical dysfunction human beings face is simply do to a lack of movement. Sure the average person can claim that they walk, maybe climb stairs, maybe exercise to some degree, but when you compare that to the amount of movement …

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