Our Philosophy

Higher Endeavors was founded in 2006 by Jason Cockfield with the original purpose of providing personal training services. As Jason’s pursuit of knowledge expands in an attempt to better serve clients, so too has the vision for Higher Endeavors. The name Higher Endeavors implies creating ever greater goals for yourself, and not being accepting your current situation. To take it one step further, Higher Endeavors mission is to provide the information, inspiration, and services to help you achieve your ideal life. 

It is our belief that every individual has the potential to achieve their own unique, ideal life. No goal is too big or unattainable. All you need is the right information to consistently act towards the attainment of that goal, or your ideal life. The process will take hard work, and there will be many challenges and setbacks along the way, but success is possible for everyone. 

Unfortunately, most people either don’t have a clear vision of their ideal self, or give up before they are able to fully realize that vision. We believe an individual does not achieve their ideal life because they don’t know how to effectively and efficiently make progress, and successfully achieve their goals. That’s where Higher Endeavors comes in. 

We will help each individual, design and implement a comprehensive program addressing each facet of their lives. Throughout the process we will continually educate each person, so that they understand how and why certain aspects of the program create success. We will also provide ongoing accountability to ensure that there is consistent action, on a daily basis, towards the attainment of each your goals. Being proactive with your thoughts and actions is the key to lifelong success.