Performance Therapy

What is Performance Therapy?

People typically go to see a Physical Therapist to rehabilitate an injury, and get back to normal life. We view Performance Therapy as an attempt to maximize life, to accomplish your goals, and to achieve your ideal self. We believe that you shouldn’t be satisfied with being average, or normal. We believe that every individual has tremendous, unrealized potential and it is Higher Endeavors’ mission to help you achieve your ideal self. 

Higher Endeavors’ approach to Performance Therapy is an integration of Strength and Conditioning and Manual Therapy, using many different modalities to help each client achieve their goals, while also factoring in momentary needs and the preferences of the client. Higher Endeavors designs an individualized program for each client that integrates every facet of a client’s life. The client’s lifestyle, health, nutrition, fitness, and psychology are all factored into the program to ensure each aspect of your life is congruent with your goals, which increases the effectiveness of the program. 

During each session with a client, we primarily focus on the implementation of the fitness aspect of the program, by guiding the client through the day’s training session. During the training session, manual therapy can be integrated if the client has a nagging issue that is limiting the execution of the program, or simply causing discomfort throughout daily life. Along with completing the training session, time will also be spent addressing all of the other facets of the greater program, discussing the client’s nutrition, health, lifestyle, and psychological aspects, as needed. 

Higher Endeavors structures our services in a few different ways, to serve as many people as possible.

Services Provided

Weekly, Ongoing Services

This service is intended for the individual that wants, and needs, consistent interaction with our practitioners to help with the implementation of their program. Clients typically meet with us twice or three times each week. 

Monthly Consultation

This service is intended for the individual that wants to perform all of the exercise sessions on their own, each month. The month typically begins with an in-person session with a Higher Endeavors’ practitioner to go over the upcoming month’s program, performing each exercise to ensure each variable of the exercise is understood, and to answer any questions about the program for the upcoming month.

Then Higher Endeavors will provide daily accountability to ensure that each aspect of the program is being completed, and that the client is consistently making progress towards their goals. Weekly phone/ video conversations are also scheduled to review aspects of the program and answer any questions that come up throughout the month. 

60, 90, 120 minute Session

Individual sessions are intended for individuals to address a specific issue or need, typically focusing on different forms of manual therapy, and can include a general massage. If you have back pain, or similar issue, that is preventing you from effectively performing your fitness program or limiting your daily life you can schedule a session with us to help address that specific issue. 

Individualized Services

We want to help any individual that needs our guidance and assistance. We will individualize our services, in any way necessary, so that it fits your needs. If you are unsure if we are able to help you, or do not think the above services will meet your needs, please schedule a phone consultation, so we can discuss how Higher Endeavors can help you achieve your goals and your ideal self.